Welcome to the Rappahannock Beekeepers Association.  We serve the Fredericksburg, Va area and surrounding counties.  Our members range from hobbyists to commercial beekeepers.  The RBA is open to anyone that is interested in the education and preservation of the honey bee.  As hobbyists, sideliners and professional beekeepers, we all share a love for honey bees and their well being.

We meet every third Thursday of the month at 7pm at the Salem Church Library in Fredericksburg, Va.

Our goal is promote community awareness of the importance of the role that the honeybee plays in our every day lives.  The honeybee has been on a rapid decline over the past several years due to both man, with the use of pesticides, and nature by way of pests such as Veroa mites and Small hive beetles.  Did you know that these little girls are responsible for the pollination of approximately 80% of all food crops?



Special Guest Speaker

Dr. James Wilson from Virginia Tech Department of Entomology will be speaking live via WebEx at our next club meeting.  Check Calendar for details.


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Contact Us: rbabeekeepers@gmail.com

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